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The Adventure Group Whistler is one of the most reputable and consistently top ranked activity operator in Whistler and needed help updating a dated digital experienced to better showcase the thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Superfly Ziplines.

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I’m Flying Jack

Computers are boring – soaring through the sky isn’t. We worked with TAG to design a digital experience, focused on visual storytelling, to showcase their ziplines that would capture the users’ imaginations and mirror some of those exhilarating moments.


Come Fly With Us

Colony went in with clear eyes that conversions were the key – we needed to ensure users felt comfortable booking directly on site. Through collaborative UX design and intentional content strategy, we addressed gaps in information and the user journey to ensure potential customers in the funnel were supported to make the decision to take that leap into the sky.


Don’t Worry
Just Be Superfly

This project was all about balance – as this is a “No Experience Required” attraction, we needed to balance evoking excitement, while messaging safety. We also needed to build emotional connection, without compromising our focus on the safety aspects and what made the experience so comfortable and safe.