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The Team

If it's digital, we do it. From the initial idea to its final execution, we are there every step of the way to deliver.

Jason Leung

Director, Projects Delivery & Strategy

Katelyn Macrae

Graphic Designer

Rob McInnis

Web Developer

Corey Wilson


Morgan Cook

Account Coordinator

Jina Marwood

Project Coordinator

Treven LePage


Jhordan Naoe

Creative Coordinator

Erwin Chua

Account Coordinator

Adam Moore

Production Manager, Digital Media

Patricia Trinidad

Creative Lead, Social Media

Katja Martin

Production Coordinator

Michael Tran

Digital Marketing Manager

Ben Wadolowski

Creative Director

Alex Harvey


Chris Carr

Digital Creative

Matt Bourne

Head of Photography

Coleen Wen

Web Developer

Bo Ha

UI Designer

Samuel Gorski

Manager of Digital Growth

Elija Mckellar

Account Manager

Andrew MacLean

Web Developer

Join the Team

Today people are bombarded by information, but we know how to make your business stand out from the crowd. With direct access to an engaged audience of millions, alongside the industry-leading creatives that talk to them, we make sure your digital marketing reaches the masses.

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